Ongoing Work

Mike’s work is ongoing via a number of his students who attended many of his courses, including his Teacher Training courses and who are now presenting their own versions of his work in a number of different countries.

Below are contact details for those who are continuing this work.


Andreas Bernsen - email:


Laura Di Lernia - website: email:


Carme Renalias -

Miguel Rico Perez - website: email: tel: + 34 639 4 99 01

Magui Sastre Gayú - email: tel: + 34 677 61 19 01

Miguel Ángel Garcia Granado - email: tel: +34 639 81 83 13

Manu Marino - website: email: tel: + 34609829477

Jose Maria Aragues -  email:

Kiril Yarkho - website: - email:


Heather Smith & Anni Jorgensen website: email:


Louise Toone - website: email:

Trica Hobbs - I am a McTimoney chiropractor and have recently embraced the work of Dr Sue Morter which is steeped in the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, it is transforming my life on every level. - website:


Carlos Bernues – email:


Sergey Granenko Center for Osteopathic Medicine - wesbite: email: tel. +380503924385

RUSSIA – Moscow

Igor Litvinov - email:


Zuzana Kozakova - email:

Elena Dolgaja - email:


Liza Borodkin - website: email:

Terri Foley - email: