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The Empty Chair and The Feminine Principle, (a little book of aphorisms) are still available to purchase from Barbara, Mike's wife directly. Contact Barbara

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The English audio version of his book 'The Empty Chair' can be ordered through Ryan Hallford's website


As if it were a tribute to holy Francis
We have gathered in the peaceful, timeless morning air.

It seems today everything is You.
Once vicious dogs now gently put their heads in my lap,
A crow settles closely to chant her simple, honest song, crabs come so much closer, to be near.

The distant soft towers of clouds catching the first sun in their round bellies
almost trying to keep its arrival a secret.
The mist, hesitant to reveal every detail in the distance,
Palms hiding in the comfort of this air so rich in the essence of life.

The sun rises: Brightness ever increasing.
As every day. It doesn't hide behind the clouds to mourn You:
You know that there is nothing to mourn.

Yet, something is different. Strange prisms appear in the clouds,
breathing light into all there is, as our souls do.
The light changes.
Softness wins over force,
Even the dogs change.
Your awareness now lives in everything.

I want to say, You were a master of life.
But no; You were life, You are life itself.

And life is a continuum, even if Yours has now stopped.


Sri Lanka, 11th April 2019


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