CONNECTED (on an empty chair)

Books available to purchase

The Empty Chair and The Feminine Principle, (a little book of aphorisms) are still available to purchase from Barbara, Mike's wife directly. Contact Barbara

Audio version of The Empty Chair

The English audio version of his book 'The Empty Chair' can be ordered through Ryan Hallford's website

To Mike Boxhall and his tribe


There was a moment of silence,

and then, emptiness;

there was a time of silence,

and then, nothingness.

There I found myself

with myself,

here I found myself

with you,

and we became mirrors

to each others.

There was a moment of doubt

an then the leap to abyss,

held on a net that connects us,

saved when we thought we were lost…


Agustín Luceño Mardones Spain, 9-7-2018