Stillness - an exploration with Mike Boxhall RCST., FCSTA

"Getting in Touch"; is the generic title for Mike's work.

The intention of "Getting in Touch" is to connect with the Stillness that, like the eye of the storm, is within all pathology.

The Peace that passes understanding is at the heart of us all. To be experienced, not known as an object – it is who you are.

Where is this Stillness? It is mindfulness centred on the body. The Buddha. Let us walk the path together.


What I am trying to present is a teaching style somewhat different to most others but, I hope, entirely complementary to them.

I am not trying to present a programme that is better or worse than the countless other programmes that are available and I am certainly not proposing my work as a substitute for any other model in which the student may be proficient. I am sure however, that there are different levels of practice in all fields and what I am trying to present, as an embodied experience, is a level that is not subject to intellectual appraisal but is rather the ground of the intellect. Read More

The Work

Getting in Touch

Is the generic title for Mike’s series of advanced courses. There is no aspect of the human being, Spirit, Mind or Body. that does not reveal itself in the body. To touch someone is to use the verb in the active sense. To be in touch suggests something more passive, a receiving or, at best, joint practice. Joint practice is what these courses are all about. The courses are designed to improve our abilities to hear the story told by the Spirit, Mind, Body through palpation of the body.

We shall touch the body with such a deep and present sense of awareness that its story is told and heard as far as its original intention. This allows a return to that original intention and an appropriate modification, in the present, of habits formed out of past experience. The Buddha said that enlightenment is in the body. The mystic poet Rumi quoted God as saying of the prophet Mohammed, “He is an ear.”


Mike's Diary

Presence in Stillness Friday 20th May 2016
Presence in Stillness Thursday 26th May 2016
Presence in Stillness Thursday 2nd June 2016